Kids Numbers Counting Game  APK MOD | Download Android

Kids Numbers Counting Game APK MOD | Download Android

Game Information of Kids Numbers Counting Game

App Name Kids Numbers Counting Game
Package Name com.greenloop.numbersforkids
Updated Mar 10, 2021
Installs 50K+
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Description of Kids Numbers Counting Game (Unlimited Money/Coins) free for android

– Limited Time Complete Access Given

Looking for an educational game which your child can enjoy: numbers, counting, number names, count objects, comparing numbers in an interesting, intelligent and simple manner. An educational game that your kid will enjoy, and at the same time build his educational skills. Something that makes LEARNING FUN. Here we are, with a carefully built 5.0 MB App with 20 Different Attractive Pictures that helps kids in –

✔ Learning Counting
✔ Learning Number Names
✔ Comparing Numbers
✔ Counting Objects
✔ Practicing Number Names


◘ Counting is taught with Attractive Graphics in 3 different ways. Ranges can be set from 1-10, 1-20, 1-30…..1-100.
a. 1-10 :- For each number, pictures are displayed one by one, so that the kid can focus how the counting is done. For eg. for the number 3 – The first image is shown, then the second and then the third.
b. 1-20 :- With increase of each number, one picture is increased on the screen. It teaches the child relation between different numbers by observing that for every increase in a number one picture is increased.
c. 1-100 :- Range can be set from 1-30, 1-40….1-100. The child can sit back and recite the counting with the app. The counting plays on its own. Counting can be paused by clicking on the number.

◘ Numbers Names (Numbers in Words) are taught with a focus on each alphabet in the number name individually. Here ranges can also be set from 1-10 and 1-20.
For eg while teaching the number name of FIVE, as ‘F’ is spoken ‘F’ will be highlighted and so on.

◘ Children can be taught to compare Numbers with the help of attractive graphics. Greater and Smaller are taught separately. Ranges can be set from 1-10, 1-20, 1-30……1-100
a. 1-20 :- Two numbers and corresponding number of images for each number are shown on the screen. The child has to click on the correct number.
b. 1-100 :- The two numbers are shown without any images because of impracticality of showing so many images. The kid here also, has to click on the correct number.

◘ The application allows the kids to practice the number names. Ranges from 1-10,1-20.
A number is displayed on the screen. The characters of its number name are displayed below the number in a jumbled manner. The child has to click on the alphabets in the correct order.

◘ Kids will learn to relate the quantity of objects with the corresponding number.
A specific number of objects are displayed on the screen. Four random numbers are displayed below the pictures having one correct option for the number of objects. The kid has to click on the correct option.

☻ ☻ Shake the device to change the picture ☻☻



◘ Counting
◘ Recognition of numbers
◘ Number Names/ Numbers in Words
◘ Relation between different numbers
◘ Counting the items
◘ Backwards counting
◘ Bigger Number
◘ Smaller Number
◘ Quantity of objects
◘ Also learn 20 different type of objects which are used for images for eg. Tree, Fish, Bus, Zebra etc



We provide a free environment because we believe education is not a commodity to be bought and sold.

Self-education is, we firmly believe, the only kind of education there is. And sooner it begins, the better it is.

Hence, we have come up with a solution to help children with our educational app. Install this beautiful app and let your kid enjoy in a children friendly environment and learn the basics of Math. Lead your kid to a world of Numbers and let him develop his own skills.

Game Id: com.greenloop.numbersforkids