囲碁アプリ:初心者向けの対局教室  1.251 APK Pro | Premium APP free download

囲碁アプリ:初心者向けの対局教室 1.251 APK Pro | Premium APP free download

Game Information of 囲碁アプリ:初心者向けの対局教室

App Name 囲碁アプリ:初心者向けの対局教室
Package Name go.strategy.puzzle.board.games
Version 1.221
Size 42.4 MB
Requirement Android 5.0+
Updated 2022-01-05
Installs 50,000+
Category Board, Games

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Description of 囲碁アプリ:初心者向けの対局教室 (Unlimited Money/Coins) free for android


囲碁アプリは携帯で遊べるクラシックなボードゲームで、囲碁がお好みの皆様のために作られたAI対局ゲームである。囲碁アプリは最強のAIが搭載されて、ごく強い棋力を保っているから、きっと退屈させないのだ! 携帯の機種を問わず19路盤・13路盤・9路盤三つの碁盤が対応している。操作の便利さも精巧で迫真の画面も美しいBGMもきっとあなたの大好物になるのだ。









The Go app is a smartphone game that focuses on Go. It is an introductory Go app that is easy for inexperienced people who do not even know the rules. If you are interested, you can improve your playing power through this game! Increase reaction speed and technology by playing against AI. Download now!

The Go app is a classic board game that you can play on your mobile phone, and is an AI game game made for those who like Go. The Go app is equipped with the strongest AI and maintains a very strong playing power, so you will surely not get bored! Regardless of the mobile phone model, 19-road board, 13-road board, 9-road board 3 go boards are supported. The convenience of operation, the realistic screen, and the beautiful BGM will surely be your favorite.

The UI is simple, the BGM is classic, and the operation is easy! Above all, it is equipped with many unique and comfortable auxiliary functions! However, a rank match system was also added. This system will give you the experience of having a good match by allocating other players with matching skills based on your match results!

The Go app is a smartphone game made for everyone who likes Go. From beginners to stepped players, you can enjoy this interesting and popular game.

About the Go app:
There are various different game modes in this Go app, such as introduction to professional Go and promotion of professional Go, and if you practice and learn slowly through it, you will acquire the skills of Go. In addition, we have prepared a large number of videos, sentences, and images of Go courses, so we will teach you various Go tips! Would you like to try it?

Game features:

1. Challenge the up and down game in various games!
2. A game with assist functions such as artificial cooperation, auto-pointing, game research, and station judgment.
3. Simulate the rules and how to play a true Go game
4. In the game, the player can play with different opponents.
In addition to the 5th and 19th roadbeds, there are also 9th and 13th roadbeds. This is a beginner-friendly game!
6. There are also various tutorial courses for masters.

The rules are simple. It’s a tutorial guide that even beginners should consider, and you can see it. Let’s do our best toward the master!
This is a game with a wide variety of game content. For example, online Go, game details, Go manners, etc. Try it!

Game highlights:
1. Experience the confrontation of masters in various hot games!
2. Life is just like Go. The important thing is to get a good grasp of each station!
3. You can learn the technique of Fuseki well and understand the difference between the beginning, middle and end.

Game Pros:
1. Acquire Go skills in the tutorial
2. You can get good at it by combining images and tutorials.

Game rating:
There are many tutorial videos! From beginner to 9-dan master! A game with a lot of content! Beautiful screen! Start your Go journey in an easy-to-understand Go classroom! Let’s play Go together every day! Find the secret of the gathering! Download now and try the Go game!

ようこそみなさん! 🎉
今後も改善を続け、すべてのプレイヤーのゲーム体験を向上させ、すべてのプレイヤーの意見やフィードバックを積極的に歓迎していきたいと思います。 🤗

Game Id: go.strategy.puzzle.board.games

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